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Emotions | Why we're obsessed with hiding them

Do you ever wonder why we lie? Or why we consider to facade our real emotions? It's about time that we release these conditions and allow ourselves to break free and dissect our thoughts. 
Modern society and mainstream media feeds the fear of people interpreting their emotions. As if our emotions are burdens and must be buried away and not defined. Our hidden emotions are creating stagnation which eventually causes dis-ease. An "un-ease" to your well-being. Our emotions are not built up only around our heart, but mostly in both of our hips, so if you're feeling stagnant or tense in your hips, its time that you stretch those out and release that energy. 
All in all, we base all of our emotions on two main frequencies, one on love and the other on fear. All emotions are funneled to either love or fear, which emotion will you base your life and entirety off of? 

Meditating is a fantastic mechanism with the ability to reconcile emotions and allow them to be understood with a different perspective. For example, if you are torn between making a decision, you may feel clouded and have foggy thoughts. Many people turn to those who surround them in their inner circle, which is not a bad idea but the one that counts most, is your's. So trust yourself more than anyone you could imagine. 

Gratitude is one of the strongest love-frequencies, practice your gratitude levels by thinking about the microscopic appreciations that can cross your mind.

By: Jona Marr, Founder of The Sacred Sense.



Need help to assist you with fear? Work with prehnite, aquamarine, aventurine, calcite, carnelian, chlorite, chyrosoprase, fire agate, moonstone, sodalite, tiger's eye, tourmaline. Bowenite relieves acrophobia and Spirit quartz is helpful if you're frightened of succeeding.

Sourced from, The Little Pocket Book of Cystal Healing, Philip Permutt

Try working with Reiki or an empowerment coach to you assist with unlocking any blockages within your Chakras.
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