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Prehnite Metaphysical Properties- Healing Qualities | History


Did you know that Prehnite is often referred as a stone of love? Unlike Rose Quartz, Prehnite is green and is connected with the Heart Chakra which helps open the flow of energy. The metaphysical properties of this stone can enhance vivid dreams and improve the ability to sense or know things before they happen (precognitive abilities).

This beautiful translucent gem is a hydrated calcium silicate and typically looks like there are earth-like qualities embedded inside. Resemblances of lush green forests, branch-like, or grass features are found inside of these stones. Prehnite crystals are unique in their own way, some even look similar to Peridot or Jade. The color palates of the Prehnite are often green, yellow-green, white or transparent and even hints of grey and/or black.  


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Prehnite was first described in 1788 after being discovered by the Karoo Dolerites of Cradock in South Africa and is the first mineral to be named after an individual. Colonel Henddrik Von Prehn (1733-1785), a dutch mineralogist discovered the gem in the Cape of Good Hope colony and brought it back to the Netherlands. This precious gem can also deposit in many places such as Namibia, Australia, China and Scottland just to name a few.

Metaphysical Properties

One of the Metaphysical properties of this stone is centered around the calming energies that bring peace and protection. This stone helps you sort your thoughts, helping you understand what is truly important. It is a fantastic stone to place in the garden, as it is perfect for bringing harmony with nature and the elements. Prehnite is great for Feng-Shui as it helps de-clutter and remove things that you may no longer need. Green Prehnite is an excellent stone to heal the healer, as it heightens the flow of life-force energy within the body.  Regular meditation with this stone will assist you to develop your intuition, especially if you already have psychic abilities it will polish your capability.


Green Prehnite is both a heart chakra and solar plexus stone.

Use this stone on your solar plexus to bring empathy into your life and enhance your clairsentience abilities. It will also assist in healing digestive, stomach and liver ailments. If the heart Chakra is out of balance, you may be experiencing bursts of anger and may be blaming others of issues that arise in your life.

Try using Green Prehnite during gratitude meditation, it's so simple! Grab your Green Prehnite, and caress your gem (If you have a bracelet or necklace from The Sacred Sense, simply wear and caress).Think about anything you're grateful for, it can be your family (individual or as a whole), friends, your home, your job, your breathing, your hands, etc. As you count your blessings try to incorporate something you're grateful for every second as you count in your mind. This will help bring an abundance amount of gratitude.Think about the color green, the lush beauty of nature, streaks of green, green lights, green forests, jungles, anything you can think of. Focus on aligning your Chakras to be all aligned together and in sync. The mind is a powerful wanderer, there is no wrong way to meditate on gratitude, so just be sure you focus on examples of gratitude in general. 

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