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About Us

All about You, All about Us.
The Sacred Sense

Dedicated set of service or worship to the faculty of perceiving and connecting with one's emotions.

The Sacred Sense is a Fashion Forward, Amulet design company, choosing the finest crystals and creating a piece tailored to your desires and intentions. Owner and Designer, Jona Marcell believes that the vibrating energy frequencies of these crystal-infused beauties are a signal of strength and reminders of our intentions that we chose in the first place. What other better reminders to grab your attention? on your wrist or in the mirror, maybe even a compliment or two. Shield in style. 

At The Sacred Sense, we personally select authentic pieces from all around the world, sourced from trusted vendors throughout Chile, United States, Central and South America. Our jewelry is designed and created in South Florida and sold nationwide. Our materials are fine stones and crystals with durability to ensure longevity. 

We base our brand on the importance of sacred geometry and the elements of our mother earth, Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Ether (Soul).

Sacred Geometry is an absolute universal language that describes the inner workings of nature and the intrinsic order of the universe. It is the key that connects all forms of life. Microbes, plants, animals and humans to the motions of the planets and stars. It is the connection to our creation, our greatest-self in our truest-from. 

"We are an awareness brand, A reminder or an alarm rather, to create a thought and vibration of your greatness. A sign of determination to be your greatest-self and thrive at your maximum potential". -Jona Marcell
Jonathan at the Ahu Tongariki


This is a photo taken of The Moais and I, In Rapa Nui AKA Easter Island. One of the most isolated islands in the world. The Polynesian island is off of the coast of Chile. A moment in time a part of my awakening journey.